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Ambassadors of the Project

While The 5000 Days Project’s core endeavor is to help develop EQ by providing private video journaling solutions to schools and organizations, the Ambassador program continues to follow hundreds of kids worldwide, documentary style.

Many of these stories span long past the original 5000 Days (K-12) and, with the participant’s permission, have been produced into films (e.g., The LISTEN Series, MILLENNIALS, TWO BROTHERS 1&2, ANGST: It Gets better).

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“You are not alone… it gets better.”

Perhaps the key finding over the two decades of conducting thousands of private interviews with kids is that, no matter what a child’s background, natural gifts, and experiences, nearly every child feels alone when faced with the challenges of growing up. When children have the opportunity to see these authentic Ambassador stories, they realize they are not alone in their fears and insecurities, giving them encouragement and support in the challenges they face.

Authentic stories like these are only made possible however, if the privacy guarantee of the StoryQ Method is honored. Participants can not be expected to open up unless they know they are in a zero-judgment space with trust that their recorded interviews will never see the light of day without their permission. Since The 5000 Days Project gives the participant complete control of their footage at all times, these produced Ambassador films are only possible because, after years of benefiting from the process, the participants choose to share their stories in hopes of helping others.

Learn how your school or organization can get involved in the Ambassador program below.

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Angst: It Gets Better is an IndieFlix docu-series from The 5000 Days Project filmed over the course of 20 years capturing real-life stories about growing up. Each episode provides a quick glimpse into the lives of 5000 Days Project Ambassadors as they age before our eyes (8yrs-28yrs) sharing their thoughts and feelings on family, relationships, school, and life. 

As with all 5000 Days Project interviews, the footage was kept private for the participants. These episodes have only been released to the public because each Ambassador participant has bravely decided to share their story with the world in hopes of helping others.


TWO BROTHERS and TWO BROTHERS TWO is the story of Sam, Luke, Tommy, and Joseph Nelson—four brothers growing up in the new millennium. Over 18 years in the making, these two feature-length films give a rare look into the lives of these brothers as they navigate the challenging terrain on the road to adulthood.

As with all 5000 Days Project interviews, the footage was kept private for the participants. These films have only been released to the public because the Ambassador participants and their family have bravely decided to share their story with the world in hopes of helping others.

Since my sons were some of the first 5000 Days participants to have their story made into a film, I was at times uneasy. Embarking into uncharted territory, no one knew exactly what would happen or how the project would play out.

It was an invaluable learning experience for the boys. Regular filming of their activities, thoughts, and feelings through the years required them to think carefully about daily choices, future goals, and the example they set for others. They became aware of the passing of time and the goal timetable. The boys gained a sense of responsibility for themselves, their family, and the future. They realized the impact of choice as they looked forward to questions about their life status.

In many ways, the project experience helped them foresee where they fit into the big picture—and realize that it is possible to change direction, steer their own ship, and alter outcomes for the better.
— J.N.

Millennials is an emotionally raw look into the lives of a diverse group of 22 children as they transition from the innocence of childhood through the turbulence of adolescence and emerge as young adults. Through the yearly candid interviews over the course of 15 years, Millennials echoes in real life what the award-winning film Boyhood has done in fiction.

As with all 5000 Days Project interviews, the footage from this series was kept private for the participants. These films have only been released to the public because the Ambassador participants have decided to share their story with the world in hopes of helping others.

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Featured Millennials


Meet Simon

Simon is a kid who appears to have it all—smarts, looks, athletic ability, a great family. But all is not what it appears to be. Too sensitive for his new reality, he falls into an abyss from which most people never emerge. A story of family, loss, betrayal, self discovery, and redemption.


Meet Prottush

Prottush is an innocent, young Canadian Muslim kid who immigrates to a post-911 America suspicious of “his kind.” He denies who he is in an attempt to fit in and starts to lose himself. Will he find himself again before losing himself altogether?


Get involved with the Ambassador Program


The 5000 Days Project offers a limited number of Ambassador spots around the world. Unlike our video journals, the Ambassador Program involves an in-person film crew to conduct one-on-one interviews annually as well as periodic “B-roll” filming. Led by Rick Stevenson, our Ambassador interviewers apply the StoryQ Method of inquiry and include professionals with backgrounds in counseling, youth education, and documentary filmmaking.

  • An annual fee for each Ambassador covers the filmmaking expenses. This cost depends on your school or organization’s location as well as factors like the age and number of participants (typically a minimum of 20 participant per location).

  • A portion of each annual fee goes towards an eventual professionally edited piece of the participant’s story growing up (typically after graduation).

  • Like all 5000 Days Project interviews, the goal is to help develop emotional intelligence in the participants. The interviews and the eventual edit remain in complete control of the participant. The final pieces will only be made viewable to the public, if the participant chooses to do so.

  • Availability is limited for the Ambassador Program. Reach out today if your school or organization would like to get involved.


I am writing to thank you all for your support of the 5000 Days Project that my daughter was selected to participate in. She was selected by a 4th grade teacher at Challenger Elementary and continued to participate through her Skyline graduation last Spring.

If you have the opportunity to watch her video, you will see what an amazing job The 5000 Days Project did over the years, and what a powerful message they were able to extract from her at such impressionable ages. She grows up before your eyes, and her message has been seen by many as a way to help other girls going through similar challenges. I urge you to continue this program, as well as finding ways to increase the viewership of these important time capsules.

Thank you for producing such an innovative project, and for including our family along the way. You have no idea how many girls you may be helping with the power of just one video!
— I. Cox, Ambassador Parent