Nowhere are kids and teens asked key life questions on a regular basis—questions like what they care most about, who they love, what they’re afraid of, and who they want to be.

When given the chance to answer these questions annually, kids and teens gain self-awareness and tend to make better choices, helping them run the gauntlet of adolescence.



How do we help our children find themselves before they lose themselves? 


As Parents, we know that our children live with many big issues that provoke fear and anxiety. We are partnering with The 5000 Days Project, which has been helping children for the last 17 years to understand what they’re feeling and why they’re feeling it.

By giving your children the chance to ask challenging questions of themselves on a regular basis within the privacy of the StoryQ kiosk, and especially at the least self-aware period of their lives, you can give them the gift of fully expressing themselves in a safe setting. By encouraging them to verbalize everything they are feeling you can help your child to not only build their self-knowledge but also increase their emotional intelligence. 

And at the end, you’ll have a priceless time capsule of your child’s life.


Our Evidence-Based Approach

The StoryQ methodology has been developed and constantly refined over the past 17 years by a The 5000 Days Project and their team of neuroscientists, psychologists, and philosophers, including Dr. John Medina (author of Brain Rules).

 As clinical studies show, a healthy EQ is key to academic and lifelong skills. 

Watch a short animation on how The 5000 Days Project’s flagship program, The Student Annual Journal, works for participants.

How it Works

The StoryQ kiosk offers a variety of programs including, but not limited to, The Student Annual Video Journal and Restorative Justice.

The flagship program, The Student Annual Journal, involves in-depth, private interviews with students. At least once a year, participants scan their “ticket” to unlock an automated and completely private video interview. Age-specific interviews take 30-40 minutes to complete, and after the last question, the video footage is safely and securely stored to the Cloud.

What Kids Are Saying

Watch 5000 Days Project participants discuss their experience using the StoryQ as a safe, private, and judgement-free space to talk.

What Educators Are Saying

Justin Robinson, the Director of The Institute of Positive Education, shares his observations on the value of verbal journaling and how the StoryQ has been benefiting his students since 2017.

The StoryQ Video Journal vs. The “Ambassador” Program

While the vast majority of 5000 Days Project consists of Video Journal (the StoryQ kiosk) participants, the company also offers a limited number of “Ambassador” spots to certain schools and organizations around the world. Unlike the normal video journaling program, which operates within the school, the Ambassador Program involves an in-person film crew conducting one-on-one interviews annually outside of school, as well as periodic “B-roll” filming of a student’s home and school life. Led by Rick Stevenson, the 5000 Days Project Ambassador interviewers apply the StoryQ Method of inquiry, and include professionals with backgrounds in counseling, youth education, and documentary filmmaking.

This year, kids and teens from Issaquah Middle School and Issaquah High School may also audition to be a 5000 Days Project Ambassador. With everyone’s mutual consent, the story may become part of a 5000 Days Project film or curriculum designed to help other kids.

Learn More About the Ambassador Program Here

  • An annual fee of $1000 USD is required for each Ambassador interview. A deposit of $200 is required for the initial audition interview. If that interview turns into their first year’s interview, the remaining $800 is due for year one. If the student is not quite ready, the $200 deposit will be returned. This $1000/year includes the in-depth annual interview, the collection of limited "B-roll" footage, storage, and administrative expenses.

  • Once participants graduate, they will receive a copy of all the raw footage.

  • Edited Film add-on: Most families will want to opt for an 8-15 minute edited film produced upon graduation. This cost is estimated at a $12,000 current market rate of which The 5000 Days Scholarship Fund offers to cover 50% for a total current cost to parents of $6000 for the finished edit add-on. If parents would like to lock in the cost of the edited film at today’s prices, they can do so by making an annual, non-refundable contribution of $250 or $500 to their own film fund which goes against the $6000. Otherwise, the cost of the eventual edited film will be at the future market rate.

  • Note that each year Issaquah Schools also pays for its own Ambassador Story, such as that of IHS grad Nicki Cox, featured at right.

  • Like all 5000 Days Project interviews, the goal is to help develop emotional intelligence in the participants. The interviews and the eventual edit remain in complete control of the participant. Any final pieces that are edited will only be made viewable to the public if the participant chooses to do so.


Nicki, like many girls, grows up struggling with an eating disorder. Watch her discover herself and unleash the power of her own story as she turns her greatest challenge into a source of inspiration and hope for others.


Even if you can’t save time in a bottle, The 5000 Days Project captured something just as precious: the little girl giggle-stories, the pre-teen insights, and the adolescent angst and thoughtfulness of my (now) adult daughter. Watching her ups, downs, trials, and joys stream together on video still brings tears to my eyes when I see it. I can only imagine what it will mean to her future children when she chooses to show them.
— Parent


I’m a psychologist and parent of pre-teen and teenage children. At work and home I am acutely aware of the issues young people face in all spheres of their life. In my association with the project (both as a parent, and links with other children involved in the project), I believe the program provides a unique and invaluable opportunity for young people to reflect upon these issues, develop insight, and thus enable them to cope with challenges they face: they are truly richer for the experience.
— Caroline Bailey, MAPS
My son Joshua has been part of the project for the last 5 years... It is nothing short of brilliant in the way the project facilitates emotional resilience and self awareness within the kids. By creating a safe environment that allows kids to truly express how they feel and by combining this with potent questions that stimulate self-inquiry and self-expression, it creates a foundation for kids to get clarity on what can often be a very confusing world…
— A. Houlahan, Parent at Byron Bay Public
This has had a profound impact on our son. It has enabled him to really open up, reflect, and think deeply about life, his hopes and dreams, the fears, and pressures that children are faced with as they grow up in today’s society, becoming more aware of himself and who he really is. It has built his self confidence, his willingness to take on new challenges, and helped make important decisions giving him positive self direction. We are so grateful that our son has had the opportunity to be a part of this incredible project which I feel would benefit every child.
— K. Dean, Parent


Ready to get started with The 5000 Days Project Video Journal at Issaquah Schools?

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Students may audition to be a 5000 Days Project Ambassador (there are just under 300 worldwide). Selection is based on a student's authenticity, honesty, and ability to articulate his or her feelings. With everyone’s mutual consent, the story may become part of a 5000 Days Project film or curriculum designed to help other kids. In this program, students are interviewed each year by Rick Stevenson or a member of the 5000 Days Project team. The cost is shared by the Project and parents, the latter of which pay $1000 per year (to The 5000 Days Project) which includes the personal interview and some limited filming of the Child’s school activities ("B-roll" footage). Note: Scholarships based on need are available for this program.
This Participation Agreement and Release (the “Agreement”) is entered into between the 5000 Days Project LLC doing business as The 5000 Days Project (the “Company”); Issaquah School District (the "School"); the “Parent(s)”; and the “Student” (collectively referred to as the “Parties”). 1. The Video Journal Project The School in collaboration with the Company have invited the Student to participate in The 5000 Days Project (the “Video Journal Project”). As part of the project, the Student will be provided an opportunity on an annual basis to film his/her thoughts in response to a series of questions prepared by the Company (the “Footage”). The Student will record the Footage once every year until he/she completes Grade Twelve (the “Recording Period”). The Footage will be filmed on a Company device and held for the Student in confidence by the Company until the Student is nineteen (19) years old. Unless otherwise permitted in this Agreement or required by law, neither the Company nor the School will provide the Footage to any person except the Student at the conclusion of the Recording Period. 2. Privacy All Footage will be held confidentially and in a secure manner by the School and will not be reviewed or disclosed by the School or the Company to any person other than the Student, except as otherwise permitted in this Agreement or required by applicable law. 3. Consent and Revocation The Parent(s) and the Student consent to the Student’s participation in the Video Journal Project, as described above. The Parent and/or the Student may revoke consent to the Student’s continued participation in the Video Diary Project by providing written notice of this decision to the School and the Company. If the Parent and/or Student revoke consent, that revocation is not retroactive; however, the Student’s participation in the Video Journal Project will end at the time of the revocation. In these circumstances, the Company and the School will hold any existing Footage and deliver it to the Student when concludes the Recording Period. 4. Release and Waiver In exchange for the Student’s ability to participate in the Video Diary Project, each Parent and the Student hereby (severally and jointly) and their heirs, successors in interest, attorneys, representatives, and assigns: WAIVE AND RELEASE the Company, its members, officers, directors and shareholders, and the School and its board members, officers, directors, employees, agents, attorneys, insurers, and assigns from any claims the Parent(s) and/or the Student may assert, of any kind or nature, arising out of the Student’s participation in the Video Diary Project, Student’s use of the Video Diary Program, or arising out of the handling, maintenance or use of the Footage or the videos in which the Student appears. Each of the Parents and Student acknowledge that the obligation to maintain the Footage in a secure and confidential manner is solely the obligation of the School and not of the Company unless the School has contracted the Company to store it. The undersigned understands that this Release and Waiver is intended to be as broad and inclusive as is permitted by the laws of the State of Washington, and that if any portion of it is held to be invalid, they agree that the remaining terms shall continue to be in full legal force and effect. 5. Entire Agreement This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties with respect to the Student’s participation in the Video Journal Project and cancels and supersedes any previous oral or written communications, representations, understandings or agreements between the Parties with respect to the same. 6. Enforcement In the event of an action arising out of this Agreement, the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of such an action shall be a court of appropriate jurisdiction located in King County, Washington State.
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