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Changing the World One Story at a Time


“There will never be peace between nations until there is peace within nations, there will never be peace within nations until there is peace between neighbors, there will never be peace between neighbors until there is peace within families and there will never be peace within families until there is peace within our own hearts.”
-Lao Tzu

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Since 2001, The 5000 Days Project has been helping to develop emotional intelligence in individuals from around the world. As individuals are given the space and guidance to make sense of what is in their hearts, they gain the self-knowledge and confidence to unleash the power of their own story into their life and to the world around them.

The StoryQ is effective, scalable and affordable. We have deployed StoryQ kiosks to schools and organizations in 12 countries, touching a diverse collection of personal stories.


What WE Do Is Working

A 2018 evaluation undertaken by StoryQ on The 5000 Days Project participants show that the video journaling process is already helping kids.


We’Re Scalable

Because the StoryQ kiosk consists of lightweight hardware and powerful software, we are able to deliver it at scale. So far, we’ve captured over 300,000 personal video recordings worldwide.


WE ARE Cost-Effective & Self-sufficient

We optimize the work of school councillors and extend the reach of your student and teacher wellbeing support with very accessible and affordable verbal journaling technology. Because the StoryQ is a hands-free tool, it has been an affordable solution for schools & organizations determined to develop EQ.


We are dedicated to…

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Here’s what others are saying…



Justin Robinson, the Director of The Institute of Positive Education at Geelong Grammar School shares his observations on the values of verbal journaling and how the StoryQ is benefiting his students.

I’m a Psychologist and parent of pre-teen and teenage children. At work and home I am acutely aware of the issues young people face in all spheres of their life.
In my association with the project (both as a parent, and links with other children involved in the project), I believe the program provides a unique and invaluable opportunity for young people to reflect upon these issues, develop insight and thus enable them to cope with challenges they face: they are truly richer for the experience.
— Caroline Bailey, MAPS


Listen here to 5000 Days Project participants discuss their experience using the StoryQ as a place to process their stories.

My son Joshua has been part of the project for the last 5 years... It is nothing short of brilliant in the way the Project facilitates emotional resilience and self awareness within the kids.
By creating a safe environment that allows kids to truly express how they feel and by combining this with potent questions that stimulate self-enquiry and self-expression, it creates a foundation for kids to get clarity on what can often be, a very confusing world…
— A Houlahan, Parent at Byron Bay Public
I think this is super cool. It’s just a great idea. When I was younger I thought it was a little weird, but now I’m so glad I did it. It definitely helped me express my feelings and know myself better. I can’t wait to get my video back so I can see what I said about my life over the years.
— A.S., Student at Shoreline Public Schools


This has had a profound impact on our son. It has enabled him to really open up, reflect and think deeply about life, his hopes and dreams, the fears, and pressures that children are faced with as they grow up in todays society, becoming more aware of himself and who he really is.
It has built his self confidence, his willingness to take on new challenges and make important decisions giving him positive self direction. We are so grateful that our son has had the opportunity to be a part of this incredible project which I feel would benefit every child.
— K. Dean, Parent
I would recommend participating in this project because I’m very excited to see how I’ve grown as an individual since I started in 5th grade. I feel that video journaling is very genuine, and liked that I was reminded, held accountable, and given prompts.
— Student, Shorecrest Highschool
Having our daughter’s life chronicled was a dream come true. It is amazing to see how our sweet little girl grew up right before our eyes, and time truly flies when you are living it. No one could really tell you and have you understand how the time flies, so being able to look back on her life is a real gift for us, not to mention a gift for her. I think it really helped her stay focused and mature to some degree knowing that she’d have these periodic check-ins. We are forever grateful for the experience.
— A.W., Parent
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