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What We Do

  • Running since 2001 across 12 countries.

  • We develop guided Video Journaling tools for students and teachers to verbalise, self-reflect and find themselves in a safe, judgment-free space.

  • We provide every student with an authentic time capsule of growing up that raises their EQ along the way.

  • Increase reach of your wellbeing support with very accessible and affordable verbal journaling technology.

  • Developed and supported by a global team of neuroscientists, film and documentary makers, engineers, product designers and educators.



The StoryQ Kiosk

Your built in, personal film crew. Used to capture and inspire thousands of personal stories worldwide, this self-lit, self-sufficient kiosk is our premiere video interviewing tool. Because our approach is HIPPA compliant, participiants can privately explore their authentic story and feelings to a “surrogate human interviewer” without fear of judgment.

  • User-friendly app interface makes it easy for virtually anyone to use

  • Simple set up and handsfree operation for facilitators

  • Captures HD video

  • QR code scan login option

  • Transcription & preventative flagged keyword technology available

  • “Speak to someone in person” button for participants to easily reach out to a school counselor

  • Automatically and securely sends footage to our S3 cloud storage

  • Customizable branding

  • Customizable onscreen interviewer & questions

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Available StoryQ Programs

Student Wellbeing Builder ApplicationBenefitRelevant Years
ANNUAL VIDEO JOURNAL (Our flagship program running since 2001)Creating a priceless time capsule of personal transformation and through the deep reflective and verbalising process, developing self-awareness and EQKindergarten - Grade 12
ANYTIME CHECK INHelping kids to put feelings into words and work through whatever struggle they are immediately facingGrade 3 – 12
RESTORATIVE JUSTICEPreparing students for conflict mediation and resolutionGrade 3 – 10
TALK TO TEXT WRITING PROGRAMHelping children discover what they need to write about and then enabling them to produce a first draft verbally by transcribing their responses.Grade 3 – 12
Teacher Wellbeing Builder ApplicationBenefitRelevant to
TEACHER WELLBEING VIDEO JOURNALAn opportunity for educators to privately process their own feelings and experiences in the workplaceAll staff- teachers, support staff

Evidence Based Approach

A 2018 evaluation undertaken by StoryQ on The 5000 Days Project participants show that the video journaling process is already helping kids.


Listen here to 5000 Days Project participants discuss their experience using the StoryQ as a place to process their stories.


What Educators are saying… 

By being asked to be self-analytical, students began to process everything that was happening to them in a much healthier and productive way. Instead of being victims of their problems, they were more likely to become masters of them…
— School Principal

Justin Robinson of GGS in Australia shares his observations on the values of verbal journaling and how the StoryQ is benefiting his students.


Until the 31st May 2019, all eligible schools can join the National Pilot Program providing Teacher and Student access to The StoryQ technology at a subsidised rate.


Start a conversation today

Try out The StoryQ in person: The School of Life | 5000 Days Project team will be visiting schools across the country in May and June. Please contact us at to find out when we will be in your area.

Or, book a 15-minute phone call with Anya Haywood, Director for Australia and New Zealand to find out how The School of Life | 5000 Days Project can support your school wellbeing program.